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Future Intelligent Systems

In the future, vehicle communication will be the key to many exciting driving innovations, not only by interconnecting systems, one vehicle to another, but also by linking the vehicle with the driving environment.

Volkswagen Group of America is actively involved in the nationwide Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) program, an initiative shared by automakers and Federal and State Departments of Transportation. The goal is to build the communications infrastructure necessary for truly connected driving.   

We have a range of future intelligent systems under development, including:

  • Audi Travolution — Enables real-time communication with traffic infrastructure
  • Autonomous Driving Vehicles — Use laser range-finders and radar sensors
  • Connected Drivers — Assists driver with wireless communication to help avoid potential road hazards
  • Navigation Companion and Online Portal — Help drivers find, save or share their destinations
  • Picture Navigation — Allows users to share pictures of destinations with GPS coordinates
  • Sociable Car-Senseable City — Transforms GPS navigation system into a personal co-pilot