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Driver Assistance Technologies

Volkswagen is researching and developing driver-assistance technologies that can enhance the driver’s ability to drive safely. These systems combine video, radar and laser sensor technologies with onboard computing capabilities, enabling drivers to make more informed decisions as they drive.

The latest driver assistance technologies are being designed to actively engage when the vehicle is at risk of leaving the road or if a collision can no longer be prevented. Examples include:

  • Engine Braking Control — Detects the loss of wheel adhesion
  • Automatic Emergency Brake — Executes a full braking maneuver to prevent a collision
  • Automatic Distance Control — Brings the vehicle to a complete standstill
  • Electronic Steering — Enables independent electronic steering
  • Attention Control — Monitors the driver for signs of fatigue
  • All-Round Vision — Uses sensor data to detect possible hazards

And for everyday use:

  • Road Sign Display — Registers and displays current speed limits
  • Parking Assist — Automatically maneuvers vehicle into parking space