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eMobility Technology Development

Volkswagen is investing billions of dollars in research and development for zero-emissions mobility. Our goal is both clear and ambitious: Volkswagen will be the automaker to mass-produce the electric car — for everyone.

For electric vehicles to live up to their full potential, battery performance is key. ERL is looking into various eMobility technologies to help batteries last longer. The latest research involves industry-standard Lithium Ion cells packaged into modules that are integrated into a complete battery system. We work with redundant and networked control electronics to monitor and manage the battery system during storage, driving and charging. Safety and reliability are proven through detailed modeling, bench testing and in-vehicle testing.

American audiences got a closer look at our work at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, where we introduced the Golf blue-e-motion. Known as “the People’s Plug-in,” the Golf blue-e-motion delivers an uncompromised driving experience in a fully electric car. The first models will be available for the 2014 model year.

Also in the pipeline:

  • The four-seat space up! Blue compact zero-emission van, powered by lithium ion batteries, a high-temperature fuel cell and a roof-mounted solar panel
  • Audi’s first all-electric car, the high-performance e-tron sports car
The all-electric and surprisingly roomy Volkswagen E-Up! city car