A Green Vision on the Tennessee River

tn riverBecause Volkswagen Group of America has a longstanding commitment to sustainable mobility and environmentally responsible manufacturing, we're proud to become a part of Chattanooga's vision of revitalization, with its emphasis on a clean, healthy environment and natural beauty.

Not only can production be compatible with a clean environment, we believe the future depends on a dedicated partnership between the two.

In fact, Chattanooga's environmental emphasis makes us feel right at home, even before the first brick is laid.

Environmental Principles and Practices

Simply stated, environmental responsibility is an integral part of our business, not an obligatory side issue.

In order to sustain the future of our company, we must do our part to help sustain the environment. Not only will our vehicles be designed to run cleaner and more efficiently, our manufacturing processes will operate cleaner and more efficiently as well. Some companies reluctantly admit manufacturing can be compatible with a clean environment. We believe there must be a dedicated partnership between the two.

We operate with an integrated approach whereby we assess the environmental impact of
production processes and products in advance and make our choices in harmony with our
environmental principles. Our primary goal is to find solutions that make sense, both economically and ecologically, and to use resources efficiently while minimizing environmental impact.

From the Ground Up

mountainWe scrutinize and modify every step in the process of manufacturing and transporting our automobiles to make sure we meet our own environmental principles.

The steps toward responsibility begin with the choice of sites for our facilities. We recognize that the land will be affected by building construction and manufacturing operations.

Foremost, we avoid locating new facilities on sites where unique or sensitive ecosystems exist. And when a suitable site is chosen, we insist on minimal environmental impact and maximum safety during construction.

Additionally, we take care to protect the soil and groundwater at all of our facilities, as well as the outdoor and indoor environments.

Controlling and Minimizing Impact

Building automobiles requires a complex combination of materials and processes. We work continually to develop and implement more environmentally responsible methods for every phase of our business.

We've developed new ways to minimize the risks of such things as foundry and welding gases, paint, refrigerants, solvents and plastics, while many methods and substances have been eliminated altogether. 

We consider the health and safety of our employees an essential part of our environmental responsibility by creating the safest working environment possible.

Sustainable Practices

Waste reduction and recycling are standard practices at all our facilities, and we continually reevaluate and expand these programs to improve efficiency.

Water conservation at our facilities is achieved by limiting waste and recycling through filtration systems where possible.

We constantly seek ways to lower the energy consumption at our facilities, and in some instances are able to supplement with alternate power sources such as solar or wind.

Reusable packaging and containers for parts shipping are used where possible.

Sustainability Brochure (PDF)

And By the Way, We Build Some of the World's Cleanest and Most Efficient Cars

riverfrontWe are, after all, a car company. In fact, we are the world's third-largest auto manufacturer.

And that's where we prove our environmental responsibility most visibly and most dramatically.

In the near-term, we will continue to advance our engineering for the best possible power, efficiency and low emissions return from petroleum-based fuels. This includes continuing to refine and perfect the clean diesel technology we have pioneered, which delivers a dramatic reduction in both fuel consumption and exhaust emissions and offers some of the cleanest and most efficient alternatives on the market today.

Meanwhile, our power systems will accommodate synthetic fuels and other alternatives such as compressed natural gas. In subsequent stages, more fuels will be produced from biomass and we will be prepared with products to maximize that progress.

Our proudest moments occur when innovation moves from the computer screen to the model studio to the test course. We build advanced automobiles and are in the exciting business of materializing ideas.

It is our mission to design and deliver revolutionary automotive concepts, with an ever-increasing commitment to fuel conservation and environmental responsibility.

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"The Chattanooga plant...will be the culmination of some of the best technologies and processes from Volkswagen plants around the world...the model for future plants."

Das Auto magazine